Acknowledgement of Support

Educators and Parents

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Educators and parents have consistently characterized the Student Internship-Union Mentoring Program model as a “win-win-win” — for the family, for schools, and for participating students.  The IBEW captured several parents and educators on video during the early days of the roll-out of

its Student Internship-Union Mentoring Initiative in New England.  In the video, one parent observed, “The mentoring program is not just a summer job, it’s opening up a whole world of opportunity.”  An educator commented, “I was very impressed with the excitement and enthusiasm of everybody involved.  The students came back [to school] and they told me, and this is a quote, ‘I couldn’t believe all the things that I learned during the summer internship program.'”

In commenting on the internship-mentoring initiative at Groton, CT Water Pollution Control Authority, a Connecticut state official noted that interns themselves often take on the role of educators and career recruiters as she lauded an intern-turned-full-time employee’s ability to “talk eloquently about his job. . .  he clearly got the big picture of the work that he is doing.”